What's on Sale

We have some items that we are no longer taking on the road with us, and that we really don't have room to store here at the compound.  So for a short time, we are moving out the back stock for these items. 

The prices for these items will continue until after the back stock is gone.  After that, they will return to their regular prices.  We will continue to carry these items online, just not at their sale price., and we will make them to order in the future.

A Bone
5.00 9.00
Lucky Stiff
10.00 16.00
Mens Room
25.00 40.00
Dead Drunk 2
12.00 20.00
Drag City
10.00 16.00
Aztec Fish
6.00 9.00
Zombie Hunter
10.00 18.00
Ladies Room
25.00 40.00
Dead Drunk 1
13.00 22.00