Faster, Faster, FASTER!


Jet Engined Funny Car

Propulsion: General Electric J-85 Jet Engine
280+mph, 6,000lbs of thrust.

Check out the Speedcult Jet Engined Funny Car in action and check our event pages for upcoming exhibitions.


Air Canon Dragster

Using a ton of compressed air, dragster occupants are shot full speed from an air cannon while trying to avoid trees, people and small animals. Riders exerience 3G's at launch and sometimes wet pants. Click Here to view the Air Canon Dragster madness on our Youtube channel.


NHRA Junior Dragster

Meet 11 Year Old Leah Verner. Leah is a Junior Dragster driver and is working up the NHRA ranks here in Michigan. Leah pushes her Speedcult Dragster to the limits in this video filmed on 09-30-2017 at Milan Dragway in Michigan. Click Here!