Roaster Coaster

The "Roaster Coaster" is the colossal giant of the Speedcult "Abusement Park;" It's our take on a classic carnival ride. Set on a U-shaped track straight up in the air, in which you are locked in a cage then thrust into a free-fall that makes the cage spin… and spin… and spin… backwards and forwards and forwards and back… until it runs out of inertia. Did we forget to tell you that it also shoots flames and has two GoGo cages?


Dare you ride?


Nationally Recognized

The Roaster Coaster has been featured on multiple television shows like National Geographics "Mad Scientists", The Discovery Channel, Hillbilly Thrill Rides, Destination America, Under the Radar, and The Travel Channels hit series "Bert The Conqueror." Flashback to when we were on NatGeo Click Here.


A monster is created!

In 2002 Len gets an idea for a roller coaster, then makes notes on a napkin while drinking coffee in a local diner. We think it was beer, but he says coffee.

From the the back of a napkin, to a backyard wonder in six weeks and still thrillin riders to this day.