Garden Hand - FU

Garden Hand - FU


Are you tired of having just another pansy-a$$ed garden?  This skeleton hand metal cut out is made to send a message... you know... to that pesky rabbit that keeps gnawing at your plants.  Those larval worms who chow on your prize tomato plants on their way to metamorphis.  Okay.  So maybe this skeletal hand is not going to scare the little critters.  But it's not about them so much as it's about you. 

It is cut with a pointy stake thing at the bottom, which makes it easy to push into the soil.  So why hesitate?  Give your garden some attitude... Your Attitude... and let the miscreants know what your really think.

This hand is available as a right hander or a left hander.  Just select your option.

  • Bare Metal
  • Size = 11"w x 3.35"d x 3.35"h


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