Mitten Up Metal Sign Powder Coated

Mitten Up Metal Sign Powder Coated


Mitten up!  For those of us from Michigan, we know our state is make up of two peninsulas.  The lower is known as the mitten, for the obvious reason when you look at it on the map.  The upper peninsula is often just called the U.P.

There's more though.  Michigan has had more than a few crisis since the seventies, and many have left looking for a new life elsewhere.  And because it isn't always easy to live here, sometimes you just have to mitten up, it's where we live.

This version of the sign is powder coated.  The one pictured has clear baked onto it.  We also offer it in several other candy translucent colors that let you see the grinding we do to the metal surface.

Please note:  The powder coat finish will not keep this sign from rusting, especially if it is outdoors.  The elements are harsh, and it is cut from 12 gauge mild steel.

  • Powder Coated
  • Size = 12"w 18"h
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