Live Your Own Life

Live Your Own Life


Are you tired of family and friends who seem to let their social media accounts control them. We are too. So if you are like us, the live your own life metal sign is the one you need.

Now some of you out there might think this is just a bunch of crazy talk. But think of it like this: Billions are spent on advertising every year in an attempt to get to buy, or buy into something. If it didn’t work, they would not do it. So is it really such a far stretch to think that your social media is doing this too?

And now… back to our sign. Lot’s of words means lots of cutting inches to produce this sign. And we haven’t scimped on the steel either. It’s cut from mild steel that’s just a little thinner than 1/8 inch thick.

  • Bare Metal

  • Belt Sanded

  • Size = 20"w x 16.75"h

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