Kitty Cat Wall Mount Bottle Opener

Kitty Cat Wall Mount Bottle Opener


For all of you fifties atomic style cat lovers, check out this kitty bottle opener. This unique opener is perfect for dressing up your liquorin' facilities.  I know I want one.

The Process

After cutting out the kitty from mild steel, we weld on an opener that we make from stainless steel.  Next, we grind it all cool and swirly looking.  Then, the opener is completely powder coated in your choice of color. 

Now understand, there are different color options, but this isn't about matching some thread in your curtains, these are general colors.  And because most of these are candy colors, which are translucent, and that let you see the metal surface; and because we do crazy grinding on the metal, they all look different in an unpredictable and organic way.

So pop your cap the Speedcult way with one of these unique openers.

  • Hit with the Grinder
  • Powder Coated
  • Size = 4.5"w x 12"h
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