Set up began early on Saturday morning. Even with time against us, thanks to Craig and Art we had managed to construct some cemetery fencing for our pit area. That, plus some really cool extras loaned to us by our friends at Theatre Bizarre and we had a pretty creepy looking cemetery scene.

The capstone to our display was a authentic civil war era coffin that we used to hawk tshirts -- Thank you Matt. Then, once the pit area was pretty much set up, it was time for everybody to be zombified.

The pit area was open to the public before the race so they could see the cars up close. A few people weren't quite sure about what to make of us.


 There were to be match races. With 32 teams, that meant 16 races the first round and five rounds total. We were scheduled for the fourteenth heat in the first round.

So there we are, waiting at the line for the light to turn green for our first heat. Right off the line, we have a catastrophic breakdown. Len snapped a chrome molly tube from his drive on our second leg push that rendered his mechanism useless. We still had power from the front, and we luckily survived the first heat because our opponent lost control and hit the side wall.


 Time between the first and second heats was short. The repair consisted of a make shift splint using a wrench that was zip tied between the two broken, gnarled pieces of tube.

We got to the line for the second heat, but then encountered another problem. The chain and guide had become misaligned, which prevented the chain from retracting to the thrust position. So in effect, we could only get one tenth of a push out of our system.

Oh well... We were eliminated in the second heat. And even though we were disappointed in the outcome, we had a great time. Len and I thank all our friends who helped or supported us in any way, especially if it involved beer. Although doesn't it always?