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Welcome to the creepster project, which was a two-manned, human powered dragster that was built for the first, and I think... last ever Red Bull Dragster Day.



We didn't know a thing about Red Bull Dragster Day until Len received an email from our friend Beth on the last day plans could be mailed and post marked to Red Bull for consideration.So Len threw together a sketch about a two-manned creepy, bat winged dragster and mailed off the plan. After being accepted as one of 32 race day entries out of the over 100 that applied, work began on construction. There would be less than six weeks to actually design and build this human powered dragster.

Construction on the frame went fairly quick, and with just a few weeks until the race, there was something to show the Red Bull people when they came to visit us.  We even convinced a couple of them to ride the coaster. But after the visit, it was time to get back to work. With less than two weeks before the race, we decided upon a major change in the vehicle. With the changes, we wouldn't get to a point where we could test the vehicle at all until the evening before the race.

Everything seemed to work with our test runs, and with us expected to bring the vehicle to the pits that night, we packed up the R.V. and headed into Downtown Detroit. We ended up working on our dragster's graphics until about midnight right in the pit area. We give a special thanks Alpha, who was hanging out in the pit area with helping us finish the creepster that night.