Calendar for September 2016

wanna race?

Summer will be coming to an end soon enough up here in Detroitsville, USA.  And that's why we are jamming in a whole bunch of shows to finish out the year.  Especially for you folks that do not live near us, this is your chance to see our cut outs up close and personal... you dig?  So don't miss your chance to visit with us.

1.  Greaserama: 

*Note* If you follow the Greaserama link on your phone, you might have mobile issues.  If you do, try to request the desktop site from your device.

2. Frankenmuth Auto Fest : 

3. Redneck Rumble:

4. Ducktail Run:

5. Iron Invasion

6. Bayou Round Up

Something has come up and Speedcult will not be able to make the trip down to Louisiana for this show.



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