Detroit Autorama 2016

autorama 2016

In case you didn't know because... well you know... you aren't in the know, because... well you know... the Detroit Autorama 2016 is approaching fast.  It's our biggest show and our biggest splash.  You know... our being Detroit and all that.

So what's new this year?  Well... THIS YEAR... Speedcult is going to be selling logos from the big three and MOPAR in a completely acceptable and a completely legal way.  What?  I know!  What the hell happened?  Oh you know... It's a long story.  The bottom line is... It is what it is.

So! If you want to see our products up close and personal....  If you want to actually pick through them... You are going to get a great opportunity to do just that at the Detroit Autorama.  The 2016 one is happening over the weekend of February 26-28, 2016.

Where:  Cobo Center :: 1 Washington Blvd :: Detroit, MI 48226

Our set-up is in the dungeons of Cobo with the Autorama Extreme.  That means if you haven’t taken the escalator to the lower level, you will not find us.  Let me repeat.  Check us out on the lower level below all of the museum-like pieces.  That's right.  We are located in the subterranean part of Cobo with the rats.  That’s with the cars not the furry little animals with the scaly tails.  Although I'm sure they're there too.

See you there!

More info:

autorama extreme flyer