Woodward Dream Cruise - Aug. 15, 2015


Well... Looky what time of year it is.  Yep.  It's time for the Woodward Dream Cruise.  And you can be sure that at Speedcult, we are working diligently to get ready for it the best we can...  At least the best we can, in between drinking beers.  Did I forget to mention it's been really, really hot... AND HUMID.  Well it was!

Link: http://www.woodwarddreamcruise.com/

Anyway, if you saw us last year, we were set up outside of the Rust Belt Market at the corner of Woodward and Nine Mile.  This year, if you want to find Speedcult, look for us inside the Rust Belt Market.  Link: http://www.rustbeltmarket.com/

Please note:  Only the front half of the market, the part that faces Woodward Avenue will be open to the public on Friday, August 14, and Saturday, August 15.  To the best of my knowledge at this time, the hours will be the usual Friday and Saturday hours of 11am until 7pm.  If I find out otherwise, I'll update this post.

Rustbelt Market: 22801 Woodward Ave: Ferndale, MI 48220