Robots Always Get the Girl


Check out one of our latest t-shirts, as designed by Mark Thompson.   And if you don't already know, please take notice... The robot always gets the girl.  It must be a steel thing.  

But holy crush, kill, destroy, what's really going on?  Doesn't this robot know about Isaac Asimov's robot rules?  You know... the one about robots not injuring through action or allowing harm through in-action to humans. 

Unless... Unless... Maybe... Could she be a cyborg?   Because if she's a cyborg, then she would be part human and part machine.  Is there an exception here?  Hello!  Can we have a ruling on this?  Where does that freakin' fit Mr. Asimov, huh? 

WHAT?  No answer.  What?  You're dead.   What? That's your excuse?

Well you know what?  The good news is it's a t-shirt.  It doesn't matter.  The rules don't matter because the robot gets the girl, Asimov's robot rules or not?  And I'm pretty sure that Robot Monster... You remember Robot Monster, don't you?  Gorilla suit... Deep sea diving helmet...   I'm pretty sure Robot Monster didn't care about Asimov and his stinkin' robot rules either.  Because why?  Because the robot gets the girl!