Get Your Irish Up! With Speedcult


In a lot of places, Detroit included, if you look out your window, you might not be able to tell that we are on the cusp of Spring because it looks and feels more like it's the beginning of January.  And as depressing as that is, relax... because a quick peak at my liquoring calendar and I see that St. Paddy's Day is a comin'. 

And with St. Patrick's Day coming, you might be lookin' for something to show a bit of the old Irish-ness?  Well let me tell you, Speedcult is here to help you. 

If you have been looking for something that fits your style, you know... creepy, but still swings Irish, how about our spider webbed shamrock?  It's perfect to hang on your door or your wall. 

And best of all, it doesn't look like that typical Irish-St. Patrick's Day decor you find at the Store-Mart-Thrifty-Acres kinds of places.  So if you gotta have it, you can buy it at:

And finally, we've had a few requests for us to cut a leprechaun.  Well the answer is... we've already tried.  We've set out traps and have actually caught a couple of the little buggers.  But the problem is they don't like it when we cut them.  In fact they scream a lot while we're doing it.  And after all that, they still won't tell us where the gold is hidden.  So screw it.