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Hey All!
A great many things have been swirling around Speedcult this past year.  In case you haven't paid a visit to us recently, we updated our website at the very start of 2015.  It's got a new look.  And it's mobile/device friendly for this connected world we live in.  So if you haven't already... Check us out.


I know what you're thinking...  Whaaaat?  What is this Speedcult Officially Licensed thing? Well, the answer is that this past year we have been working very hard to set up licensing with new branding partners.  You know... Companies like Ford, GM, Chrysler, MoPar and stuff. 

And now, finally, we are beginning to harvest the fruit from that labor.  We are now officially licensed with GM as well as Mopar/Hemi.  We didn't get all of the logos we wanted... at least just yet, but it is a start. And don't worry, we're still working on Ford and Chrysler.

Okay... So back to that Speedcult Officially Licensed logo thing...  It seems that our new branding partners are very nervous about being seen with dead hookers and such.  (Who'd a thunk it?)  So look for our new companion website to be debuting in the very, very near future.  In fact, we've sent metal to the photographer for pics, and we'll be building it as soon as we can.   You can visit the new site, although there's not much to see just yet, at:


That's right!  You can keep up with the latest happenings by following us from the usual hangouts... You know... Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.



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