Notes from the Compound


You can't have a cult without having a proper compound, right?  Just ask Jim Jones.

So like any proper cult, Speedcult operates out of its own compound, where all of the craziness happens.  But just because we are Speedcult, don't start thinking that we are getting ready to put on the Nike's and drink the grape flavored PBR. 

What do we do?

We do things with metal... all kinds of things.   Some of it has been on the crazy side of the tracks.  And lot of it is just, really practical. 





Need cutouts for a project?

We got cutouts.  Perfect the way they are.  Or perfect for the start of a project you have in mind of your own.  Look through the metal in our shop and find what you can't find at X-mart.

Need something custom?

Wecut with a CNC plasma system.  If you have a design you would like to turn into metal, send us the file along with some specs, such as the width, and we can get you a quote about what it would take to produce it for you.  Just shoot us a note to get things started. 

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The Metal Girl: made from scraps and a few choice cutouts.