Burning Man Links

Art's Slide Show: Take a look at the slide show Art put together from the pictures he took at BM2003. (p.s. He's our 'Polish Test Pilot.')

www.burningman.com: Learn about burning man here.

Snowflake Village: A bunch of mid-westerners at Burning Man.

Fire Fabulon: Fire eatin', glass eatin', fire spinnin' circus people comin' to a town near you.

Drunken Carny Party: Pics of the party we had in October 2002 for everyone who helped with the coaster's construction.

Doug's Magic Glasses Pics: A web site that has lots of great pics from Burning Man 2002, including a section of coaster pics.

Wackyfunstuff.com: Roger's account of Burning Man 2002. Lot's of pics and movies to browse through.

www.drunkencarny.com: A site where you can link to see another coaster video.