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Item Price: $199.95
18"w x 28"h x 2.5"d

1932 Ford Detroit Jolly Roger
Are you driving some sort of Toyota or Honda hot rod. Grrrrrrr... Of course not! It's all about Detroit. So get your Detroit fix with this 1932 Ford grille insert. This uniquely styled grille was designed and fabricated by the psycho metalworkers at Speedcult in, where else but Detroit. The metal thickness on this grill is almost 3/16" thick. THIS IS NOT SHEET METAL! This dragway classic is slightly oversized, (approx. 1/16"-1/8"), so you can custom grind/sand the fit to hug the innerds of your grille shell. We do this because the shells DO vary in size and shape that much. Included with the Grille are four undrilled "weld on" mounting tabs that can be welded to either the exterior or interior of the grille depending on your preference of a flush mount (like a stock grille) or a deepset mount. This grille is shipped sanded clean, ready for final prep, you know, let it rust. All grille insert designs are Copyrighted by ***NOTE*** The Brookville 1932 Ford style grille shell used in one of the pictures below is not included with the grille insert being sold. The wire cloth backer used in one of the pictures is not included with this insert either.

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32ford_detroit_jollyroger_sm1.jpg  32ford_detroit_jollyroger_sm3.jpg  32ford_detroit_jollyroger_sm4.jpg 

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